Conventional products

The products that we offer are all from the Safflower plant. Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) is a highly branched, annual, thistle-like plant. The flowers are first saffron yellow and then discolour to red. The powerful taproot allows the plant to grow even in dry climates.

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Organic Oil seeds   Organic cereals 
Safflower:   Wheat
Organic Safflower seeds – LO   Oats
Safflower oil   Spelt
Camelina Sativa   Corn
Linseed yellow and brown    
Marine Thistle    
Millet seeds    
Mustard seeds    
Sunflower seeds HO and LO    
Conventional Oil seeds   Conventional Cereals
Safflower seeds   Wheat
Linseed yellow and brown   Oats
Camelina Sativa   Spelt
Marine Thistle   Corn
Millet seeds   Sorghum (red & white)
Mustard seeds    
Sunflower seeds HO and LO